Dayka & Hackett introduced Minion Mandarins in 2017 to tap into love for Universal Studios' Minions and the release of "Despicable Me 3." ( Courtesy Dayka & Hackett )

This will be the second season that Reedley, Calif.-based Dayka & Hackett will feature the Minion label for its Chilean easy peelers, said Tony Liberto, import citrus manager.

“We are doing more of the (Minions label) fruit this season. Using the Minions label from Universal on Chilean easy-peelers was well received last year and is going to be in more retail stores this year,” he said.

“Minions have picked up steam and have become something that retailers are asking for and want to keep going year over year,” he said.

“We have found our niche and have been trying to keep up.”

He said the Minions label gives retailer brand recognition in the store and provide a connection with kids.

“On the buyer level, it is something that is driving sales,” he said. “For the customers we worked with last year, most of them saw increases in unit sales and want to bring it back, and other customers have taken notice and want to bring it in, so it is definitely driving sales for some of these guys.”