Misionero will be showcasing a revamped Earth Greens organic logo and new organic products at its Fresh Summit booth Oct. 20-21.

The organic items Misionero plans to feature include Simple Salads, Organic Wholesome Salads, and Organic Washed and Trimmed leafy greens, according to a news release.

Organic Wholesome Salads have leafy greens along with roasted vegetables like beets.

“We want to build upon the healthy eating framework, finding new ways to delight and set new standards in quality,” Joe Merenda, president of Gonzalez, Calif.-based Misionero, said in the release. “We are dedicated to building the organic category with unique flavor profiles and out-of-the-box product offerings.”

That investment is driven by the company recognizing the demand for organic produce, according to the release.

Misionero also announced earlier this month a refresh of its Garden Life lettuce line branding and packaging. The early response to the changes has been positive, according to the company.