Gonzales, Calif.-based Misionero Vegetables relaunches a salad brand of spring mixes. ( Courtesy of Misionero Vegetables )

Gonzales, Calif.-based Misionero Vegetables will relaunch the Salade du Soleil salad brand, with three new salad blends: Originale, Verte and Rouge spring mixes.

By allowing greens to fully mature before harvesting, the Salade du Soleil line offers a heartier mix that pairs and stands up better with dressings, according to a news release.

“At Misionero, we are committed to innovation that allows us to continuously strengthen both our food service and retail product lines,” Nicole Zapata, Misionero marketing manager, said in the release. 

The Originale blends salad greens for taste, texture and color variety. The Verte mix uses whole, green lettuce leaves, while the Rouge uses whole, red lettuce leaves.

Misionaero grows products for Earth Greens, Garden Life and Green Wave Farms brands.

The new Salade du Soleil line will debut at booth No. 819 at the Organic Produce Summit, July 10-11 in Monterey, Calif.

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