This avocado ramen bowl recipe by @GratefulGrazer is among the social media posts Mission Produce will use to promote its avocados during its #CheckMeOut campaign for American Heart Month. ( @GratefulGrazer )

With February being American Heart Month and with hass avocados ruled heart-healthy by the Food and Drug Administration, Mission Produce is running a promotion around heart health.

The Oxnard, Calif., company has completed the process to use the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check certified mark, and its #CheckMeOut campaign ties into that label and the popular congratulatory hashtag, according to a news release. Avocados were declared to be Heart Healthy in December 2016.

Mission Produce is offering an in-store tool kit for retailers supported on Mission’s social media channels with posts of heart-healthy avocado recipes using #CheckMeOut.

Mission Produce's avominis avocados
Mission Produce is approved to use the American Heart Association's Heart-Check mark on its avocado packaging.

Two of the recipes to be shared are an avocado ramen bowl by @GratefulGrazer and avocado cookies by @krolls_korner, according to the release.

The campaign will also encourage consumers to share their own recipes and “#CheckMeOut” moments.

“Including the Heart-Check mark on our avocado packaging, providing retail support and sharing our heart-healthy findings is an important way for us to carry the health message about avocados across all channels,” said Robb Bertels, vice president of marketing, in the release. “We’ve been engaging with avocado lovers more and more through social, and #CheckMeOut is another way to extend that message.”