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Incorporating a weighing device into forklifts is a good way for warehouse operations to save time and money compared with using a traditional floor scale, according to Fairbanks Scales.

A medium-sized company with 12,400 pallet movements that require weighing, for example, can save three minutes every time an item is weighed using a mobile fork scale compared with moving the load to a floor scale location, Eeron Bergstrom, director of business development for Kansas City, Mo.-based Fairbanks Scales, said in a news release.

“Using mobile weighing technologies to reduce truck time at the dock (turn-over) can have one of the greatest effects on a company’s key performance indicators,” Bergstrom said in the release.

Fairbanks offers the Fairbanks BlueLine WF Series fork scale on their forklifts, according to the release. The weigh forks are wireless, and incorporate a rechargeable battery pack that works independently of the forklift. 

Using the technology, the release said trailers that previously took three hours or more to load were loaded in just over one and half hours. The improvement in trailer loading times also helped to reduce dock congestion, according to the release.