In January 2020, Watsonville, Calif.-based Monterey Mushrooms launched a campaign to educate retail dietitians and shoppers about the importance of vitamin D to overall health and sharing tips on how to get more vitamin D by eating mushrooms.

To educate retailers and culinary health professionals about the importance of vitamin D, such as retail dieticians, the company created an e-book that is available at

“It’s a new year, a new decade, a new nutrition facts panel and we want to do all we can to educate people about the importance of eating a healthy diet loaded with fruits and vegetables — especially mushrooms,” Lindsey Occhipinti, marketing manager, said in a news release.

As of Jan. 1, the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires food companies to replace the information about vitamins A and C on nutrition fact panels, with vitamin D and potassium information.  

That’s good news for the mushroom industry, because mushrooms exposed to ultraviolet lights are an excellent source of vitamin D, Occhipinti said.

“Vitamin C is no longer a nutrient the USDA is concerned about; however, people don’t realize the amount of vitamin D they need in their diets,” Occhipinti said.

Once exposed to ultraviolet light, mushrooms labeled “high in vitamin D,” are the only natural, plant-based food that may help increase the amount of vitamin D consumed in a daily diet, Occhipinti said.

Monterey’s vitamin D enhanced mushrooms are available at retailers across the U.S.

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