Monterey Mushrooms' Let's Blend diced mushroom product comes in three flavors. ( Courtesy Monterey Mushrooms )

Monterey Mushrooms Inc., Watsonville, Calif., plans to showcase its Let’s Blend diced mushroom line at the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure event, March 1-3 in Tampa, Fla.

Let’s Blend comes in 8-ounce packages in Classic, Mexican and Italian seasoned flavors, according to a news release. The project is designed to be blended with ground meat.

Monterey Mushrooms plans to hand out samples of Let’s Blend Mexican Taco Scoops, made with taco meat and the Mexican-flavored Let’s Blend, at its expo booth, NO. 235, according to the release.

The company also recently released a recipe e-book for meatless meals featuring portabella mushrooms, according to a news release.

The collection includes recipes for pizza, enchiladas, burgers and lasagna, said marketing manager Lindsay Roberts. 

“This time of year you have New Year’s resolution dieters, people who do Meatless Mondays or those who are adopting the flexitarian trend of substituting meat with other things. Mushrooms work well for all those eating habits,” Roberts said in the release.

Monterey plans to promote the e-book on social media and its website, according to the release.