Sustainability certification is a growing market among US food and agricultural companies; and required for export to the EU. The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved certification system. ANSI provides an independent third-party program to accredit certification bodies that conduct ISCC certification. The accreditation verifies that the certification bodies comply with international standards as well as with the ISCC system.

ISCC 'Sustainability Certification' is gaining ground in North America as consumers demand more environmental and social accountability and US companies comply with EU import requirements. Currently forty-five US companies are ISCC certified to meet EU Sustainability Standards allowing them free trade access. Commonly recognized names include ADM, CHS Inc., Shell Trading and 3M Old Hickory.

Gary DeLong,Co-Chairman of the North American Technical Committee, for the ISCC says, "ISCC is a 'Farm to Market' certification system that includes accountability for a) land use change, b) greenhouse gas reduction, and c) social responsibility."

The next ISCC Training will be held September 26-28 at the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. This event is for decision makers in the agricultural, biofuel and food processing industry, for traders, brand owners, retailers and certification bodies.

Individuals and companies can now register for the training by visiting the ISCC website here.

Those interested in participating in the "stake-holders" committee meeting on Sept. 29th may register here. There is no charge for this event.