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The growers of Sunions tearless onions have quadrupled production this season.

It’s the third season for production of the onions, and crop sales manager Lyndon Johnson said retail success led to significant acreage expansion this season.

“With their support, we’re able to offer Sunions to more retailers and expect to be in over 10,000 stores,” Johnson said in a news release. “The consumer feedback has been tremendous, not only do they love the tearless aspect but also the incredible sweet flavor of the onion.”

The long-day onions, developed by Nunhems Vegetable Seeds, are grown in Washington and Nevada.

“Sunions are unique in that they become sweeter and even more tearless the longer they store,” Johnson said in the release. “We triple-test them and don’t release until they’re ready.”

The Sunions marketing plan includes geo-targeted digital ads, point-of-sale materials, produce manager education, social media content and consumer advertising, according to the release.

Distributors Onions 52 and Peri & Sons Farms will be discussing the onions at their Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit expo booths, Nos. 743 and 2442, respectively, Oct. 18-19 in Anaheim, Calif.

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