Morning Kiss Organic has added year-round supplies of organic green pears and kiwifruit. ( Jaina Cipriano )

Morning Kiss Organic is adding imported and domestic organic kiwifruit and pears to its offering, with year-round supplies of both items.

The organic green kiwifruit will be from California, Chile, and New Zealand, available in bulk and four-count bags, according to a news release.

The peak season for kiwifruit is November through May.

The Morning Kiss Organic green pears come from Argentina, California and Washington, according to the release, and will be available in full or half-size carton. To ensure the pears are entered correctly at retail checkouts, a band around the fruit is available. Packhams, D’anjous and bartletts will be offered in the program.

“Pears and kiwi are a wonderful addition to the Morning Kiss line,” Nelly Czajkowski, sales manager, said in the release. “We believe these high-quality year-round offerings will be increasingly popular with consumers and will help retail partners grow their organic sales.”

Morning Kiss Organic is a part of Arrow Farms Inc., Chelsea, Mass.