Morning Kiss Organic has received an AA Food Safety Rating by the BRC for the third year in a row. ( Courtesy Morning Kiss Organic )

For the third year in a row, Morning Kiss Organic has earned an AA Food Safety Rating certification from the British Retail Consortium, an accreditation body for Global Food Safety Initiative certifications.

“Food safety and quality is part of our culture — our goal is to be an industry leader in best practices so that the entire supply chain remains safe,” Nelly Czajkowski, sales manager, said in a news release. “We’re proud that Morning Kiss Organic is certified for three years running and we’ll continue to attain global safety standards by focusing on employee development and training. Working hard to earn these certifications also earns the trust of our customers.”

The AA Food Safety Rating was introduced with BRC Food Issue 7 in 2015, and Morning Kiss Organic was among the first companies to receive the rating, which recognizes exceptional safety practices, distribution center cleanliness and employee training, according to the release.

As part of the multi-day audit, BRC inspectors examined key aspects of Morning Kiss’s safety programs, including cleaning and sanitation, pest control, a maintenance program, personal hygiene, staff training, supplier control, receiving, shipping and storage, waste management, traceability and more, according to the release.

Morning Kiss Organic, part of the Chelsea, Mass.-based Arrowfarms group of companies, maintains organic certification through Quality Assurance International, according to the release.