( Jaina Cipriano )

Morning Kiss Organic is upping its game with the launch of a website, morningkissorganic.com, to support the brand’s growing line of organic produce and cold-pressed juices.

“With the launch of our new website, we aim to connect with both end consumers and retailers to educate about our brand, its offerings and where it can be purchased. We’re excited to have additional exposure for our brand,” Nelly Czajkowski of Morning Kiss Organic said in a news release. Morning Kiss Organic is part of Arrowfarms Inc., Chelsea, Mass., a processor, shipper, broker and wholesaler.

The website features photographs by Jaina Cipriano, part of the third generation of the Cipriano family, which owns Arrowfarms, according to the release. She divides her time between her role as Arrowfarms’ director of food safety and her pursuit of photography.

In 2017, organic vegetables had a dollar sales growth of about 5.5%, and organic fruit sales increased 19.6% over the same period, according to consumer data provider Statistica, cited by The Packer’s Organic Fresh Trends

Cold-pressed juice is the fastest growing organic sub-category, according to the Morning Kiss Organics news release. 

The site has six main tabs on its homepage linking to other pages with titles such as “Sustainability” and “Where to Buy.” The “Sustainability” page highlights the company’s environmentally and socially conscious practices such as composting waste, donating food to local food banks and tips on how and where consumers can recycle produce packaging. Morning Kiss Organic sources from East Coast farmers as much as possible, according to the release.

Links to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are on the site too.

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