( Courtesy MountainKing )

MountainKing has ramped up production of Butter Russets, and expects to ship record amount of its top-selling gourmet potato variety.

The surge of people cooking at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to build on the demand from last year.

“After a very strong 2019, all signs point to a record sales year for our Butter Russets,” Andreas Trettin, marketing director for MountainKing, said in a news release.

The variety looks like a traditional russet but it has a yellow, creamy texture and a natural buttery flavor, making it ideal for mashing, baking and frying, according to the release.

Scan data shows that Butter Russet sales incrementally lift total category sales. A case study is available upon request, according to the release.

“Produce manager tell us shoppers ask for them by name,” Trettin said in the release. “That’s when you’re doing something right.”  
MountainKing is offering retailers large, high-graphic display bins in half and full sizes to maximize selling opportunities and reduce re-stocking time.

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