( Graphic by Amelia Freidline )

After seven weeks in the top spot, pumpkins were finally dethroned the week of Oct. 28 as oranges moved to No. 1 and apples moved up a space to No. 2. Cucumbers shot up 10 spot, while lettuce maintained its place at No. 5.

The Produce Market Guide platform connects produce buyers and sellers. Below, find the top 20 searched commodities on Produce Market Guide during the week of Oct. 28.

Figs made a comeback last week, at No. 6, and potatoes moved up a few slots to No. 7. Sweet potatoes gained two places, landing at No. 9, and dragon fruit moved up nine spots to round out the top 10.

Green beans appeared at No. 14, and manzano bananas came back at No. 15. Fall favorites beets and cabbage were No. 16 and No. 17, while clementines and tangerines slipped to No. 19 from the previous week. Broccoli held steady at No. 20.