( Courtesy Moxxy Marketing )

Moxxy Marketing, Salinas, Calif., received an award for designs for sliced apples bags and applesauce containers for school lunches.

The Peterson Farms sliced apple bags and applesauce labels designs received a silver Davey Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts according to a news release. The single-serving apple bags highlight different seasons and events throughout the year.

Moxxy developed the “Corey” apple character for the labels.

"We’re always suggesting ways to help our clients increase consumption of fruits and vegetables,” Karen Nardoza, president and CEO of Moxxy, said in the release. “Utilizing packaging to inspire interest is a great strategy, and these bag and lid designs engage students and encourage them to eat more healthy snacks."

There were more than 4,000 entrants in the awards competition.

"Our customers appreciate how customizable the packaging is — new themes and designs are created throughout the school year, and unique designs have been created for some school districts — plus students love seeing what’s next for Corey while they eat more fruit with their lunches," Sarah Schlukebir, chief sales and marketing officer for Peterson Farms, said in the release.

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