( Courtesy The Mushroom Council )

The Mushroom Council, Redwood Shores, Calif., is asking consumers “What Your Sign?”

A social media campaign in January will have consumers finding out what mushrooms align with their Zodiac sign. A blog post, social media content, graphics and more are supporting the new year campaign, according to a news release.

The Mushroom Horoscope pairings and personal attributes are:

  • Aquarius, beech: innovative and versatile;
  • Pisces, oyster: delicate and mystical; 
  • Aries, portabella: ambitious and bold;
  • Taurus, crimini: joyful and reliable;
  • Gemini, yellow oyster: creative and vibrant; 
  • Cancer, enoki: sweet and emotional; 
  • Leo, maitake: adventurous and unique;
  • Virgo, shiitake: practical and intense;
  • Libra, The Blend: harmony and balance;
  • Scorpio, trumpet: happy and energetic; 
  • Sagittarius, pink oyster: dreamy and whimsical; and 
  • Capricorn, white button: classic and loyal.

Each pairing includes a recipe recommendation.

The Mushroom Council and members plan to promote the horoscope to consumers through social media, blogs and e-mail newsletters, according to the release.

“We wanted to begin the new year with a fresh way to inspire fans to discover mushroom varieties they may not be as familiar with and even try out a new recipe,” Bart Minor, president and CEO of the Mushroom Council, said in the release. “We expect our digital audiences – whether they are ‘delicate and mystical’ Pisces or ‘classic and loyal’ Capricorns – will have fun determining whether their designated mushroom reflects their personalities.” 

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