( Courtesy Mushroom Council )

The Mushroom Council is dropping a hot new remix for burgers with a new consumer ad campaign with YouTube ads.

Campaign graphics feature burgers on a turntable console scratching out a message: “Ju-ju-ju-ju-just add shrooms!” The campaign supports the council’s promotions for The Blend, which is the practice of adding finely chopped mushrooms to meats, mostly used for burgers.

“When it comes to The Blend, our strategy to prioritize foodservice has been a success, as blended burgers are now fixtures on menus nationwide,” Bart Minor, Mushroom Council president, said in the release. “This year, we’ve reached the point in our long-term strategy where we will shift our focus to direct-to-consumer marketing.

“We wanted to kick it off with a bold, disruptive and targeted approach to earn consumer awareness and adoption,” he said in the release.
The council’s webpage for the campaign is at Blenditarian.com

Ads appear as YouTube pre-rolls, targeting flexitarian consumers. Other ads will be used for animated banners on targeted websites and sponsored post on social panels, according to the release.

“Whether it’s rock, R&B, country or pop, when a DJ remixes a tune, they make a song that’s already great even better, which is a great analogy for when a home cook blends meat with mushrooms,” Minor said in the release. “We are eager to bring the benefits of The Blend to consumers with a fresh look.”

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