( Photo courtesy National Onion Association )

The COVID-19 pandemic had the 400-500 members of the Greeley, Colo.-based National Onion Association wondering whether they would have their summer meeting, as scheduled, July 15-18 in Nashville, Tenn., said Greg Yielding, chief executive.

“For the first time in years, we’re sending out a survey to see if we’re going to have a summer convention,” he said. 

The Nashville program is one of two big get-togethers the association puts on each year. It also schedules an annual meeting in December.

“We’re sending out surveys to see if people will go if the government is lifting restrictions,” Yielding said, referring to the July convention. 

“That hasn’t happened in years and years, if ever.”

Planners were expecting to make a decision by mid-May on whether the Nashville program will go on as scheduled, Yielding said. “That would be the latest we’d want to wait.”


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