( Courtesy Bard Valley Date Growers )

Bard Valley Date Growers, Yuma, Ariz., has launched a colorful new label design for Natural Delights brand dates.

The labels follow a year-long process to create a design reflective of the brand’s sales growth among healthy, active millennials and young mothers, according to a news release.

The Natural Delights brand represents 88% of the overall medjool variety category, and is seeing a 31% year-over-year increase in unit sales velocity, according to Erin Hanagan-Muths, Bard Valley Date Growers director of marketing.

“As we brought new shoppers into the category through our consumer marketing programs we needed to harmonize the brand’s in-store presence with our outward facing consumer communications and support the distinct needs of our new audience,” Hanagan-Muths said in the release.

Retail data firm Nielsen was involved in designing the new labels, using a proprietary consumer research platform with eye-tracking analysis, according to the release. Nielsen says the new design is an improvement in several categories, including on-shelf visibility, competitive share of attention consumer preference.

Different stock-keeping units vary in color.