( Courtesy Bard Valley Date Growers )

Natural Delights Medjool dates brand has a new snack offering, Chopped Medjool dates.

They’re ready for snacking, adding to smoothies and granola, or used to top salads and cereal, according to a news release.

The brand’s focus group testing showed that millennial moms connected with the value and convenience of a chopped Medjool product, Tim Rooney, CEO of Bard Valley Date Growers, Yuma, Ariz., said.

“We did our homework to ensure that our new chopped product not only tasted great but would be a valuable addition to our product lineup at retail,” Rooney said in the release. “As we grow the Medjool date category we’re committed to creating delicious products that both delight our consumers and perform for our retail partners.”

The research showed that 60% of Medjool consumers would buy the new chopped product in addition to regular purchase of traditional Medjools, according to the release.

The chopped dates are rolled in coconut flour and packaged in 12-ounce tubs. The packages have the same design of the rest of the Natural Delights line.

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