NatureFresh Farms is projecting an increase in organic vegetable production this season. ( Photo courtesy NatureFresh )

Organic vegetables from NatureFresh Farms, Leamington, Ontario, are showing up on store shelves this month, and the greenhouse grower is expecting growth in the organic segment.

The company expanded organic acreage in Leamington from 9 acres to 15 acres at the end of the 2017 season, according to a news release. Organic bell pepper production, in particular, is a focus at NatureFresh Farms.

“With a greater focus given to our organic crops moving forward, we are expecting improved crop management that will result in better quality and more consistent production levels,” Isaac Braun, head organic grower for NatureFresh, said in the release.

Paul Schockman, NatureFresh sales office manager, said retail interest in organic produce continues to grow.

“Listening to consumers who shop in their stores, many of our retail partners have expressed great interest in bringing more organically grown product into the retail space,” Schockman said in the release. “With greater organic offerings now being grown at our farm, we are confident our team will meet this demand and give the consumer what they are looking for.”