NatureSeal Inc. is promoting fresh-cut produce to help consumers quickly prepare winter meals.

The Westport, Conn.-based manufacturer of edible film coatings notes how cooling temperatures bring interest in warm and hearty meals. 

The demand for stews, soups and one-pot dinners remain popular during winter and the challenge for time-constrained cooks is to prepare vegetables for those comfort foods, according to a news release.

Produce processors can offer customers prepackaged, fresh-cut root vegetables to make those meals. From beets to potatoes and turnips, root vegetables can be maintained with NatureSeal"s offerings, according to the release.

Fresh-cut processors can use various approaches to enhance the appearance of root vegetables and make them more convenient to use, according to the release. 

Sliced, diced and whole peeled and french fry-cut potatoes as well as beets, parsnips and turnips, can be dipped in NatureSeal"s  PS-10, 12 or 13 which inhibits discoloration after processing. 

The added shelf life can give processors more time to transport the packaged products and offer fresh-cut, value-added root vegetable options to supermarkets, according to the release.

Whole white and yellow potatoes benefit from FS 3750D, keeping the skins of roasted and boiled dishes looking brighter and more attractive and minimize small blemishes, according to the release. 

The shelf life of whole, unpeeled root vegetables is also extended after a spray or dip in this wash, according to the release.