Lori Castillo, marketing director at NatureSweet Tomatoes, San Antonio, Texas, says the company is positioned to be a single source solution for customers and consumers. ( The Packer )

ORLANDO, Fla. —— Unveiling the program at the Fresh Summit expo. NatureSweet Tomatoes, San Antonio, Texas, is promoting its employees to consumers in a program called “Associates Under the Label.” 

The company is featuring a picture and name of one of its employees under the label of the firm’s top-seal clamshell packs of greenhouse tomatoes, said Lori Castillo, marketing director at the company.

The company also is promoting its workforce on its website.

For the “under the label” program, Castillo said the company has a rotating collection of about six employees featured every couple of weeks.

“That is the source behind our best tasting tomatoes— it is our associates,” she said. “Sure, we have proprietary seeds and grow for sweetness, not for yield—  but it is really people within the organization that make it all happen,” she said.

Castillo says NatureSweet has positioned as a single source greenhouse solution for customers and consumers.

Beyond snacking tomatoes, NatureSweet now offers conventional mini cucumbers, long English cucumbers, mini peppers, bell peppers, beefsteak tomatoes and tomatoes on the vine. 

The company said its Brighthouse Organics product portfolio has more than doubled in size since the initial launch in January of 2017 with the addition of organic mini-sweet peppers, sweet bell peppers, long English cucumbers, and grape tomatoes. In November, a tomato medley and cocktail cucumber will also be added to the line-up, according to the company.