Naturipe is providing retailers with a tool kit to promote Chilean blueberries through February, aka FeBLUEary. ( Photo courtesy Naturipe )

Natureripe is asking retailers to get blue in February, promoting the month as FeBLUEary.

As the peak Chilean blueberry season arrives, Naturipe is giving retailers a tool kit to promote the berries throughout the month.

“FeBLUEary is a reason for folks to get excited about fresh blueberries during the winter months,” CarrieAnn Arias, vice president of marketing, said in a news release. “From signage to digital content, we are collaborating with our retail partners to create excitement at the store level.”

Volumes of conventional Chilean blueberries are at promotable levels, and the “market is carrying great momentum with organics,” Brian Vertrees, Naturipe’s director of business development-West, said in the release.

FeBLUEary promotions will be supported by multiple pack sizes, according to the release, including pints, 18-ounce containers and larger packs.