Walmart has online grocery pickup at 2,100 stores and plans to add it at 1,000 more this year. ( File Photo )

Market intelligence firm Numerator studied a year of Walmart click-and-collect trips — 48,625 in total — and found that online grocery pickup generated more dollars than in-store pickup even though it accounted for a much smaller percentage of trips than in-store pickup.

Only 27% of Walmart click-and-collect trips were for online grocery pickup, but 56% of click-and-collect dollars came from online grocery pickup, according to Numerator.

The average spend for an online grocery pickup order at Walmart was $121.44, compared to just $35.49 for an in-store pickup order.

Along the same lines, the average number of units per trip was 30.5 for an online grocery pickup order, more than 10 times the average for an in-store pickup order.

Numerator reports that 70% of the online grocery pickup trips included fresh produce.

Online grocery pickup is currently available at 2,100 Walmart locations, and the company plans to add the capability to 1,000 more stores this year.