In its fifth season at retail, the Opal apple has reached new highs for volume and store participation.

The variety, grown by Broetje Orchards and sold by FirstFruits Marketing of Washington, set its weekly volume record with delivery of more than 1 million pounds fresh to U.S. and Canada retailers in the week ending March 8, according to a news release.

Season to date, average weekly volume is running 28% higher than last year. According to FirstFruits, 85% of top retailers are carrying Opals, also a high.

Shipments began in November and are expected to run through April.

FirstFruits reports its marketing campaign for Opal reached more than 1.1 million consumers, also a high.

"Consumers are telling us how much they love the apple, retailers are having great pull-throughs and consequently, we"re experiencing record shipments," Keith Mathews, FirstFruits CEO, said in the release. "We"re so honored to have solid retail relationships to help us sell through nearly 1 million pounds of Opals in one week."

Opal is a cross between topaz and golden delicious.