( Courtesy Hunts Point Produce Market )

The Hunts Point Produce Market has a bright new logo to go along with a new era of leadership and fresh outlook of its place in the marketplace.

The market, with more than 30 merchants on 113 acres in the Bronx, unveiled the new logo Dec. 11 at the New York Produce show. The design represents a year’s work with consultants to create an updated look for the market, said Myra Gordon, executive administrative director of the Hunts Point Terminal Produce Cooperative Association Inc.

“Most of the companies here on the floor have a fourth generation working with them,” she said.

Some of those younger leaders worked with outside consultants to create the logo, she said. During that process, many merchants were asked about how they envision the market.

Gordon said the logo and the messaging around the logo represent common responses to that question. Those messages emphasize the expertise of the family companies with generations of heritage and experience in the fresh produce industry.

Related messages with the logo include:

  • “We know fresh” 
  • “We know best”
  • “We know service” 
  • “We know variety”

The Hunts Point Produce Market handles 210 million packages annually and supplies 60% of New York City’s produce. Gordon said that the fourth generation of leadership at Hunts Point merchants brings energy and vision to the massive market. 

“They are the ones that are imbued with the spirit to go forward,” she said.

With college degrees and technological savvy, the younger leaders are slowly changing the way business is done at Hunts Point, she said.

The market is revamping its website, huntspointproducemkt.com.

Gabriela D’Arrigo, director of marketing and organic produce buyer for D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York Inc., said the younger generation is thinking beyond day-to-day transactions of moving millions of produce boxes in and out of the market.

“Now it is a lot more like, ‘What are our values What is our brand? How do we connect to the community? How do we better connect with our shippers and our customers?’” she said.

Younger merchants on the market are eager to work together on issues important to its future, she said.

“One thing that I think is really interesting, that has been different from the generation above us, is that (in) this generation, we work more cohesively together as a group,” D’Arrigo said.

“Yes, we understand that we're competitors and that's always going to be there, but we really like to get together,” she said. “We sit down, we exchange ideas, we have the brainstorming ways to make the market better.”

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