New Jersey Peach Promotion Council elects three new directors (from left): Erica Shiles, Bonnie Lundblad and Matt Duffield.   ( Amy Sowder )

The New Jersey Peach Promotion Council welcomes three new board members: Erica Shiles, Bonnie Lundblad and Matt Duffield.  

“We are delighted to have these three young-generation members on our board,” council chairman Santo John Maccherone said in the council’s news release. “They bring fresh perspectives and ideas for promoting our locally grown peaches.”  

Shiles is a fourth-generation grower on F&R Grasso Farms, Mullica Hill, N.J., purchased in 1953, according to the release. The farm harvests several peach varieties throughout the season, including white and yellow peaches, white and yellow donut peaches and nectarines, selling them retail at their farm markets. 

“Our most popular are donut peaches,” Shiles said in the release. “They are only in season for a few weeks in August, but customers rave about their delicious sweet taste and unique shape.” 

Lundblad brings retail expertise to the Peach Promotion Council. She has a degree in advertising and communications and 20 years sales experience in the produce industry. Lundblad is a sales representative for Sunny Valley International, Glassboro, N.J., a packer-shipper of fresh fruits and vegetables since 1986.

Duffield is also a fourth-generation peach grower on the Duffield Family Farm, Sewell, N.J., started in the 1940s.  The family harvests yellow and white peaches and nectarines throughout the season, from mid to late June through September, selling at their retail farm market.

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