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The Washington Apple Commission has two new members.

Jorge Sanchez and Miles Kohl have joined the commission, both in the dealer category. Reappointed members are Dave Robinson, Michael Roche and West Mathison, all as growers in districts 1-3, respectively.

They are starting 3-year terms, according to a news release.

Mark Zirkle and Greg Clevenger have ended their terms on the board, after 12 and 9 years, respectively.

Other commission members are:

  • Mark Stennes, grower, District 1;
  • Cass Gebbers, grower, District 1;
  • Jim Thomas, grower, District 3;
  • James Foreman, grower, District 2;
  • David Douglas, grower, District 2;
  • Jon Alegria, grower, District 2;
  • Bob Mast, dealer, District 1;
  • Frank Davis, dealer, District 2; and
  • James Nelson, Washington State Department of Agriculture representative.

“It is a pleasure to have three returning board members,” Todd Fryhover, commission president, said in the release. “Their experience and dedication bring immeasurable value to the table. I am confident Jorge Sanchez and Miles Kohl will serve the board well with their knowledge and commitment to the success of the Washington apple industry.”