A new platform gives produce marketers a place to share success stories. ( BeRevolutionary.net )

SAN FRANCISCO — Chris Veillon, chief marketing officer of Leamington, Ontario-based Pure Hothouse Foods, introduced at BrandStorm a new platform for produce marketers to share their success stories.

Within 30 minutes of Veillon mentioning the new Be Revolutionary website during a panel discussion, nearly 50 people had signed up to contribute.

The idea behind the platform is to inspire the produce marketing community to continue innovating as it works to increase overall consumption.

“There’s a lot of sameness in the space, but there are many great stories that are out there across other segments of the industry – the stone fruit guys do a great fruit, the berries and such,” Veillon said Feb. 22. “Why not create a think tank where we have all these great stories? We’re not talking about pulling back the layers and revealing corporate strategy. We’re talking about best practices.”

The group at BrandStorm included many of the people Veillon expects to see get involved.

“There’s hundreds and hundreds of years of experience in this room,” Veillon said. “Everyone’s hit that bump in the road. Why not share some tips or ideas and so forth?”

Such a collection of stories can also serve as a place of education for people new to the industry, Veillon said.

“There’s a lot of very young people in the room that don’t have a lot of experience that come here to learn,” Veillon said. “What better way to embrace them and say hey, come under our wing, this is what we’ve learned, this is how you can grow in your job.”