New York Apple Sales has invested in several of the company's nine packinghouses this year. ( Courtesy New York Apple Sales )

New York Apple Sales works with nine packinghouses in New York and several have seen new investment this year, said Jim Allen, vice president of marketing for the Glenmont, N.Y.-based company.

“We have invested a lot of money in the last 10-15 years,” Allen said, noting that the industry is preparing for more volume as younger orchards come into production.

This year, one of New York Apples’ packinghouses has put in a completely new line in a two-line packinghouse, Allen said.

“They have replaced the oldest line this year, so it’s all brand new robotics ... so their production is going to increase, you know, considerably, just because of the new equipment,” he said.

“We will be going to market this year with a tool box full of programs for retailers to use to help grow sales in the apple category, especially for in our NY-Grown category,” Allen also said in a news release.

Additionally, New York Apple Sales has teamed up with a regional strong brand in the industry, Red Jacket Orchards, Geneva, N.Y. to market the RJO apple label. Allen said Red Jacket is a powerhouse in the fresh cold-pressed juice category, with presence in markets coast to coast.