In one of five new commercials for POM Wonderful, a Worry Monster tries to convince a consumer to give up her healthy lifestyle and pomegranate juice. ( Courtesy POM Wonderful )

POM Wonderful, grower of fresh pomegranates and producer of pomegranate juice, has a new monstrous million-dollar, multi-year marketing campaign.

The campaign, “The Worry Monsters,” feature large creatures who rejoice when their human counterparts are anxious, then complain as the humans start making healthy choices, including working out and drinking POM Wonderful juice.

Five commercials feature humorous scenarios in which Worry Monsters taunt and try to annoy humans to no avail as they enjoy healthier lifestyles, jogging and performing yoga poses, according to a news release.

POM Wonderful parent company, The Wonderful Co., created the campaign in-house.

“You don’t often see a marketing campaign featuring someone trying to get you to not use the product,” Darren Moran, chief creative officer at the Wonderful Agency. “But are we worried? Hell no! Because this anti-spokesperson approach allowed us to be disarming, and funny, in ways that haven’t been done before.”

Hollywood firm Aaron Sims Creative designed the monsters and Stefaniuk FX Studio fabricated them, according to the release. Other visual effects are from Academy Award-winning studio MPC.

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