( Photo courtesy North American Produce Buyers Ltd. )

North American Produce Buyers Ltd. at the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto will have a blueberry program this year, said Stephan Schmekel, executive vice president of sales and marketing.

“It’s the first year for us, and we’re very excited about it,” he said.

The company will market new blueberry varieties developed in Australia.

“They’re the extra-large blueberries that we’re starting to see all over the marketplace,” he said.

They’re big, sweet and crunchy, he added.

“We’re seeing tremendous potential for North America,” Schmekel said.

The firm’s grower-partner sources from Chile and Peru and is in the process of purchasing land in the U.S., he said. That will enable the company to offer blueberries year-round.

North American Produce Buyers also plans to offer organic stone fruit from Chile for the first time this season.

“It will bring a whole perspective to this program that’s essentially been conventional product throughout history,” he said.

The program will mostly consist of nectarines and plums.

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