( Courtesy Northwest Horticultural Council )

The Yakima, Wash.-based Northwest Horticultural Council has hired Riley Bushue as its new director of government relations and export programs, said Mark Powers, president.

“As is normal in a small organization, he’ll have a variety of responsibilities,” Powers said.

Bushue, an Oregon native, has been working for U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, who represents eastern Oregon. Walden in the only Republican in Oregon’s Congressional delegation.

Bushue will start his new job in October, Powers said.

“Obviously, he’s got the government-relations side of things, which is important in our line of work, but he also has the other things are what most employers look for — fits with the team, wants to be a resident in our community, has the communications and writing skills,” Powers said. 

“He’s got the skills, personality and drive to be successful, and we’ll teach him our industry.”


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