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Salinas, Calif.-based The Nunes Co., which markets the Foxy and Foxy Organic brands, has transitioned most of its organic crops to Yerington, Nev., for the summer, said sales manager Johnny Amaral.

“We’re able to take advantage of the location and the growing conditions,” he said. “It’s the high desert, so it gives us the opportunity to put out a great, healthy crop that fits the organic model.”

The organic program moved in late May and will remain in Yerington until Oct. 1.

The company offers organic versions of all of its conventional items, including iceberg lettuce, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, bunching items, kales and cabbage.

“The organic program gives us an opportunity to marry up with our conventional program,” Amaral said.

The Nunes Co.’s organics run up against competition from homegrown offerings throughout the country during the summer, but the program still remains strong, he said.

“We do a really good job with it.”


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