Bloggers, nutritionists and dietitians toured fields and processing facilities in late August as part of a "Facts Not Fear" program sponsored by Markon Cooperative and the Alliance for Food and Farming. Monica Reinagel, aka The Nutrition Diva, participated and recently started a podcast called "Faces of Farming." ( File photo )

Reinagel’s first episode of “Faces of Farming,” first aired Nov. 6. The segment featured Dale Huss, vice president of artichoke production at Ocean Mist Farms, Castroville, Calif.

On Nov. 20, another “Faces of Farming” episode will be broadcast, featuring strawberry grower Greg France, according to a news release.

Reinagel joined a group of bloggers, dietitians and nutrition writers on a “Facts Not Fears” Produce Safety Media Tour Aug. 27-29 in California’s Salinas Valley. The tours of fields and processing facilities was sponsored by the Alliance for Food and Farming and Markon Cooperative.
“Monica’s goal is to share with consumers some of what she learned during the AFF's produce safety tour and highlight the role that food and farming play in our everyday lives,” according to an Alliance news release.

Faces of Farming” podcasts will also visit with dairy and livestock operators.