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Just before the fall crop kicks into high gear, the New York Apple Association has unveiled the redesign of its website, applesfromny.com, with fresh content including new photos and video.

There are expanded foodservice, retail and wholesale sections, enabling users to order and download new point-of-sale and other materials, such as price cards, recipes and how-to-cooking videos, said Cynthia Haskins, association president and CEO.

The association created a series of 12 grower-featured videos with footage in orchards and at farms. 

The website features popular commercial New York apple varieties with eating characteristics, availability and high-resolution image downloads, as well as the association’s dietitian toolkit and more than 200 apple recipes.

“We wanted to put it online so when they need it, they get it,” Haskins said Aug. 12. 

“In the next few weeks, we’re going to more orchards to do more photos and video.”

The digital and educational resources will be useful for retailers and consumers especially as they market and shop online more.

The association is shipping new recipe cards to retailers that include a link for consumers to find cooking videos.

Retailers can order POS materials through the website, including colorful display pop-ups and variety sheets. 

As new resources are added to the website, the association will alert buyers, Haskins said.

“We’ll still do some of our generic promotions, but a lot of marketing tools will be customized. Everybody’s needs are different,” Haskins said. 


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