FreshDirect is expanding delivery in the suburbs of NYC. ( Photo courtesy FreshDirect )

WESTCHESTER, NY — FreshDirect trucks, seemingly ubiquitous in New York City, are popping up more and more in surrounding suburbs.

The Bronx, N.Y.-based online fresh-food grocer is expanding its delivery area in New Jersey and Connecticut, Long Island, N.Y., and New York’s Westchester County, responding to a 100% growth surge in its suburban footprint, according to a news release.

A FreshDirect customer survey found that 76% of customers already in the Hamptons plan to extend their stay beyond the summer, so the company will also extend Hamptons delivery for the foreseeable future.

Suburban customers are discovering what NYC customers have known, cofounder and CEO David McInerney said in the release. 

“And as more people relocate to the suburbs as a result of the pandemic, they are taking FreshDirect with them or trying us for the first time and never looking back,” McInerney said in the release. “The decision to extend our service to the Hamptons is a direct response to the many customers who have decided to stay in that area for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic.”

The company plans to hire 350 more full-time employees by mid-September, according to the release. 

FreshDirect delivers groceries in seven northeastern states, including the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas and the District of Columbia.

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