New York, N.Y.-based Bowery Farming releases a new logo, package design and website. ( Photo and logo courtesy Bowery Farming; graphic by Amy Sowder )

New York, N.Y.-based Bowery Farming is redesigning its brand with a new logo, website design and product packaging.

The new packaging will ship to retailers by the end of July and will focus on the taste, type of produce and where each product was grown, according to a news release.

“This strategy aligns with our commitment to growing flavorful food with a purpose and adds a level of transparency to the supply chain,” Katie Seawell, chief marketing officer, said in the release.

An updated logo and website will offer cleaner, more straightforward communication supporting the indoor grower’s social impact story.

The website will have a recipe section, an enhanced store finder and information on Bowery Farming’s vision, mission and local community partnerships. 

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