( Zest Fresh )

San Jose, Calif.-based Zest Labs reports that Castroville, Calif.-based Ocean Mist Farms is utilizing Zest Fresh to automate data collection on the condition of its produce.

“Zest Fresh give us tremendous visibility and insight into our operations with specific process feedback to maximize product freshness,” Chris Drew, vice president of operations at Ocean Mist Farms, said in a news release. “With Zest Fresh, the continuous operational visibility ensures we’re always delivering the freshest product to our customers.”

According to the release, the Zest Fresh solution collects data using web-connected sensors placed in each pallet at harvest. Data from the sensors is collected at various processing points to monitor cut-to-cool time, yard dwell times, pre-cool efficiency and cold storage, according to the release.

The system gives feedback that helps operators improve operations, reduce costs and ensure freshness, according to the release.

“Ocean Mist Farms is a leading provider of high quality produce with a track record of delivering superior products to leading retailers across the country,” Peter Mehring, CEO of Zest Labs, said in the release. “We’re excited Ocean Mist selected Zest Fresh to enhance process visibility and further optimize their operations for freshness and quality.”