( Courtesy Ocean Mist Farms )

Ocean Mist Farms, Castroville, Calif., is highlighting health and nutrition aspects or artichokes with the spring Gold Standard promotion.

Diana McClean, senior director of marketing at Ocean Mist, said in a news release that company representatives debated whether to go ahead with its spring promotion during the COVID-19 crisis.

“But we have developed a tremendous consumer following that relies on Ocean Mist Farms for fresh vegetable information and meal inspiration every day,” McClean said in the release. “So, we decided to highlight the strong immunity boosting nutritional properties of artichokes and encourage consumption now, when maintaining optimum health is critical.”

Ocean Mist’s spring artichoke harvest peaks in April in the Castroville area.

The promotion includes on-pack messages about the company’s Gold Standard commitment and the brand will direct consumers to Ocean Mist’s webpage on artichoke nutrition, according to the release.

A Gold Standard Giveaway gives consumers the opportunity to win 20 prizes from April 13 to May 13. A total of $2,500 will be awarded, and each winter receives a case of artichokes, according to the release.

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