Romaine Update 121018
Romaine lettuce was featured in the "On the Horizon" section of the United Fresh Produce Association's Insights for Foodservice spring edition.

The FDA is suggesting no single farm, processor or distributor was involved with an e.coli outbreak in romaine lettuce. The administration says investigators inspecting California's lettuce facilities and farms have yet to find an e.coli sample in its testing.  The Centers for Disease Control is in the process of testing water samples.

Scott Horsfall is the CEO of California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement.  He says romaine is once again starting to show up on store shelves.  He says bagged product returned faster because tracking information is already on the bag or the label.

AgDay's Betsy Jibben talked with a romaine lettuce grower in Modesto, California.  He had his own cooling and packing house for his farm's lettuce.  He showed us two safety labels he already uses.  You can see those in the video below.

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Submitted by billy b on Tue, 12/11/2018 - 12:41

I just picked up a marketside container of spring mix. The new ink jetted information on lid mentions romaine from 3 areas of the west. San Joaquin Valley, Yuma and Central Coast of CA. So now short cuts are being made to include all potential areas of harvest, not necessarily true areas of harvest. By doing this will not help find solutions to a future recall issue. All it does is name current growing areas to cover tracks. If anything happens, the search will be never ending like it is now with no finds. As an industry this is not a solution for dialing in on direct sources of contaminated product.