Almost 6,000 school children received educational help through One Banana's Digital Gap Reduction program. ( Courtesy One Banana )

One Banana helped more than 8,000 children in 2019 through its corporate social responsibility programs.

The banana company recently highlighted its social development programs in rural areas of the countries where the company operates.
The One Banana a Day Changes Your Life program helps improve the nutrition and food security of children, through the support of government agencies, teachers, community leaders and parents, who receive training from One Banana for the program, according to a news release.

The company’s Digital Gap Reduction program, a partnership with the Association of Independent Banana Producers, provides technical tools to allow students to have access to educational programs. Almost 6,000 students from 23 schools (including those where the children of One Banana employees go) received help through the program.

"We aim to provide the tools so that each individual can develop their skills and potentiate progress in their families, communities, regions and finally benefit the development of their country,” Robert Adams, president of sales and marketing, said in the release. “We make a change, one step at a time, one child at a time, One Banana at a time.”

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