In honor of World Food Day, Guatemala-based One Banana Co. released the results from its Nutritious School Meal Program.
Launched two years ago, the program aims to improve school performance and children"s health through nutritious foods to students in the western and southern regions of Guatemala. The program has grown from two to 16 schools, serving more than 4,000 students.  
As part of the program, the banana company donates one banana per student each day to promote healthy eating, according to a news release.
"We are dedicated to making the lives of our employees, their families, and the communities in which our company operates, better.  It is our responsibility to do our part by initiating hunger relief efforts like the Nutritious School Meal Program. No child should ever go to school on an empty stomach," said One Banana"s corporate director Bernhard Roehrs, in the release.
According to the release, the results show a 22-24% grade increase for students in the areas of language and mathematics with one school in the San Jose Mogollon village announcing its dropout rate decreased by 60%. Malnutrition also improved, with 34% of children improving to normal growth curves.
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