One Banana has aligned its corporate social responsibility programs to match the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a series of goals aimed at addressing the world’s most pressing issues by 2030.

The banana grower-shipper places a strong emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, with programs benefiting 19,000 people in twelve rural communities in Guatemala, according to a news release.

Projects include providing access to medical clinics, nutrition programs and education.

One of the U.N. goals is to end all poverty, and Guatemala has the second highest poverty rate in Central America, where half the population on average lives below the poverty line, according to the release.

One Banana created a Living Wage program for the 9,000 workers it employs in its Guatemalan banana operations. The program sets a standard for a living wage, enough for employees’ basic needs and not just their biological needs, according to the release.

“We believe that when all our co-workers are treated with dignity and respect, earn a living wage, and have access to healthcare and education it strengthens their communities as well as improves our competitive advantage and our business potential,” One Banana CEO Fernando Bolaños said in the release.

One Banana also works with local small businesses and vendors in the area of its banana operations, which contributes indirectly to additional job creation.

In addition to its employee wage program, the company also gives bananas to school children near its operations in Guatemala and Peru, according to the release. The “A Banana a Day Makes a Difference” snack program aims to give the students a nutrition boost, as hunger and malnutrition are strongly linked to school performance and attendance.