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For the new year, the question is this: what is one thing you would do to make the industry better?

I asked the question over the weekend to the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group in this way.

Change the produce world

If you were the ruler of the fresh produce world and would have unlimited power, what is the one thing you would do to make the industry better for everyone in 2018?

Here are some responses so far:

E.B. Safe product

N.M. Regulate dimensions and materials used for packaging to improve the quality of produce during transportation. If were all using Chep or Loscam pallets I’m sure we can all package to a certain standard. If it doesn’t fit comfortably in the dimensions used why package it to have the stock ruined. The apple companies understand this why cant the rest of the growers. Show less

N.D. I would give Freshstart Fresh Produce Food Safety Training for free so whoever comes in contact with our fresh produce will be trained and ready to work before they start. Keeping our food clean and safe

D.B. Standardize date coding between all retailers. Use same date format, same fonts and stop blocking allowed date codes based on opening hours - if a product has a4 day shelf life don’t be afraid to mark it with 25 DEC just because the shop is shut that day. This practice causes havoc throughout the industry.

K.M. Enable restorative agriculture, it is the future.

M.W. Implement mandatory assessments on all products to be consumed as fresh produce, use these funds to promote consumption of fresh produce. This would increase demand which may lower inventories on slower moving items and possibly allow for increased prices on better-controlled inventories.

G.S. We want to produce the commodity according to the demand.

K.B. I would ban use of genetically modified seeds, chemicals fertilizers and pesticides on farmland, fresh produce coating and use recyclable material from farm to consumer’s fridge to protect public health and environment.




TK: There are several winning ideas among the early comments. I like the idea of promoting fresh produce consumption using assessments on all fresh produce. If you were “ruler” of the fresh produce world, what would be your first executive action for 2018?