Scotlynn Group exports about 70% of its sweet corn to the U.S. ( Courtesy Scotlynn Group )

Dominion Farm Produce anticipates more carrots

Increased carrot volume is expected for Bradford, Ontario-based Dominion Farm Produce, according to operations manager Dennie Moser.

“Everything is on track, much better than last year,” he said. “Everything looks really good.”

The operation grows carrots, yellow onions, red onions, beet and parsnips on both muck and other highland ground.

Carrot acreage could be substantially up, he said, and red onion acreage could be up 30%. Beet acreage could be up 10% to 15% for the firm, he said, and there could be a few more acres of transplant onions.

Carrots should be ready for harvest the first week of July, while onions will come off beginning the fourth week of July and beets will also begin in mid- to late July.

With supplies available from storage to market, parsnip harvest likely won’t start until September, he said.


Scotlynn Group expects excellent sweet corn crop

Volume sweet corn harvest will begin on the north shore of Lake Erie about July 20 this year for Vittoria, Ontario-based Scotlynn Group, said Scott Biddle, president and CEO.

Crop conditions have been excellent and harvest is expected to run through about Sept. 15.

“Germination has been exceptional compared with some other years,” he said.

The company, also a large marketer of asparagus, was seeing seasonally lighter volume after a strong growing season. The company exports about 20% of its asparagus and 70% of its sweet corn to the U.S., he said.

In the fall, the company will ship about 800 truckloads of pumpkins, and 70% of that crop goes to U.S. customers, mostly in the Northeast.

The company also has a large transportation division with six offices throughout North America.


Shabatura Farms Ltd. sees strong outlook

Crop conditions are favorable for Windham Centre, Ontario-based Shabatura Farms Ltd., according to Eric Chanyi, vice president.

 On the northern shore of Lake Erie, about two and a half hours west of Toronto by car, the firm grows beefsteak and roma field tomatoes, in addition to bell peppers, zucchini and cantaloupes, he said.

Zucchini harvest stared in early June, while tomatoes and peppers were expected to start in mid-July and continue to mid- to late October. The fourth-generation farm will have stable acreage compared with a year ago, he said.


Red onion volume increases for Smith Gardens

Increasing volume of red onions is expected for Queensville, Ontario-based Smith Gardens, said Paul Smith, part owner of the company.

The firm’s main crop is carrots, and it also offers romaine, iceberg lettuce, onions and other commodities. Carrots will start in late July and then ramp up.

He said spring weather has been much more favorable for muck ground crop development than the past two years.

Red onion acreage is increasing for the firm in response to stronger demand, while yellow onion acreage has slipped.