The Ontario Food Terminal has several projects in progress to make the market more efficient and relieve congestion. ( Photo courtesy Ontario Food Terminal )

TORONTO — The Ontario Food Terminal is once again in expansion mode.

The latest project began last spring with the paving of a perimeter road that sweeps around the back of the property and exits to the right of the main gate, alleviating congestion, said general manager Bruce Nicholas.

To give buyers with tractor trailers more dock space so they don’t crowd smaller trucks in the buyer’s court, the terminal is building a new southeast buyers’ loading dock in previously undeveloped space.

Expected to be completed by May, it will add 20 additional tractor trailer loading docks for buyers and nine additional docks for cold storage shipping and receiving.

Once that’s complete, the dock in the existing cold storage receiving area will be extended from 30 to 70 feet, Nicholas said, adding two new doors.

This will give the terminal’s cold storage facility a total of 17 receiving/shipping doors for cold storage customers.

Nicholas said the extension will give trucks more room to load and allow customers to move product from a temperature-controlled environment to their refrigerated truck, enhancing food safety.

The project will also enclose the waste compactor and waste separation facility.

Visitor parking has been relocated next to the front gate beside the guard house so the officer on duty will be able to provide information and directions to a particular tenant, he said.

Two gates have been added, and buyers can now enter the terminal by pointing their new proximity access cards at the card reader.