Organics are taking a larger share of apple category. ( Stemilt Growers )


The retail share of sales for organic apples has increased over last year, Wenatchee, Wash.-Stemilt Growers reports in the latest Fruit Tracker Fast Facts video.

Looking at December 2017 Nielsen retail scan data, the report highlights a growing organic apple category and shifting volume and dollar contributions for organics and bags, according to a news release.

The report said the share of sales for organic apples rose in 2017, representing 8.6% of the category volume and 11.2% of apple category dollars.

“Millennials are the primary organic purchasers today, and this demographic is also the key shopper group with children in the home,” Stemilt communications manager Brianna Shales said in the release.

“Two-pound bags have seen an increase in volume share this year over last, and that is being driven by organic packs.”

Shales said in the release that retailers could sell even more volume by considering three-pound bags or larger to appeal to millennial parents. She noted that Stemilt recently unveiled the Artisan Organics Apple Lover pack, a five-pound special value bag for fuji, gala, granny smith and red delicious varieties.

The report said four out of every 10 apple purchases were bags in December, which was expected given smaller fruit sizing in the 2017 crop.

The average retail price for all apples in December 2017 was $1.61 per pound, down a penny from December 2016.

“We continued to see apple volume and sales metrics down year-over-year in December, but saw nearly 2% points of improvement over November 2017 data,” Shales said, noting holiday promotion buoyed movement in December.

Apples contributed 6.1% of total produce department dollars in December. According to the report, the top five varieties were gala, Honeycrisp, fuji, granny smith and red delicious.