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Salinas, Calif.-based Naturipe Farms LLC has an earlier peak on organic blueberries that was expected to begin at the end of April in California, said Brian Vertrees, director of business development-West.

All pack sizes will be available: 6-ounce, pints and 18-ounce, he said.

“Out East, our organic blueberry production in Florida and Georgia will also see increases over last year, so both coasts will have access to regional organic blueberries,” he said.

Naturipe’s 2018 organic strawberry crop out of California will be the second-largest in the company’s history, Vertrees said, noting the peak promotion period will run the beginning of May through early July, with late summer and early fall organic strawberry promotion opportunities available.

Naturipe’s organic blackberry season in 2018 is going to see “a significant bump over last year” in Georgia and California, Vertrees said.

Naturipe also is focusing on more sustainable packaging to go with its organic offerings, Vertrees said.

“For blueberries, specifically, we have our Earth Cycle pulp fiber pint that is completely compostable, virtually eliminates plastic and resonates well with organic shoppers,” he said.

Also new this year is a “peel reseal” 1-pound organic blueberry pack that uses 40% less plastic than a traditional clamshell, Vertrees said.